Water and wastewater management

Company has experience in implementing technology on water and wastewater treatment using biological methods, including membrane bioreactor, vibrational membranes, thermal vacuum evaporation, reverse osmosis and others.

In 2012 the Quality Management System was successfully accredited in accordance with International Standard of Quality Management (ISO 9001) followed by Environmental management system (ISO 14001) in 2015. Occupational safety and health standard (OHSAS 18000) is now being developed and implemented.

Nasar’s process equipment allows treating industrial and domestic wastewater, contaminated ground water, desalinating seawater to drinking water level, processing sulfur-alkaline wastewater, evaporating or concentrating high-mineralized brine discharges and etc.

Company offers to Clients turnkey solutions: we are ready to mobilize water treatment plant or treatment facilities applying own resources in order to provide water to your production or to recycle wastewater with reusing option.

Сompany is a member of the International Water Association (IWA).

  • Water treatment
  • Treatment of household wastewater
  • Treatment of industrial wastewater
  • Treatment of contaminated underground water